Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Socks and Hamburger Cake

I had to go out today, so took the kids with me to the store. We got to the bakery and I thought we should get a little cake for dessert. They had the funniest cake on the rack. It was a huge hamburger! It was a two layer cake. The bottom layer was not iced and it was a golden brown color. The icing on top was a light brown. Around the middle of the cake was dark brown icing piped on, for the patty. There were little green leaves placed around for the lettuce and yellow blobs of icing for the mustard and red for the ketchup. It even had sesame seeds sprinkled on top. The kids just had to have it cause it was so funny.
Image hosted by
Well the camera mystery is solved. It isn't the programs I have, no matter what you load the pics into, it saves it as the same file type. The only type I can't upload here. Oh well. It will have to be another camera or a scanner. So pics of projects will not be here for awhile. Sorry.
I got to the 4th stripe on the sock. And it looks so much better. The seams between the needles are tighter and it looks like the picture. Well except for the colors cause since it is my first attempt, I am just using what I have on hand. I may just be able to do this after all.

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At 8:44 AM, Blogger Catana said...

What format are the camera pictures in? Most cameras download them as jpegs. If yours doesn't, you need a program that can convert them.

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Hornblower said...

Have you tried using Picasa? (free software from makers of Google and Blogger). It will find all the images on your hard-drive etc & will organize them for you. Picasa has a big button which you click on to post to Blogger. Easy-Peasy. :-)

At 4:00 AM, Blogger goldi said...

Do you have any photo software on your computer, such as Adobe Photoshop? If so, here's how you can change the format: EXPORT your picture (the option, I believe, is usually found on the File drop-down menu). This will give you a list of format choices to save the file as, which should include jpeg, gif, etc. You can send me an email, or pm me on Crochetville, if you need more assistance.

HTH - and stop banging your head on the wall, you'll bruise it!


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