Friday, May 27, 2005

Dreams and tube knitting

I had the best dream last night. I was in this great yarn shop and I had lots of money to spend. I got needles, and a KnitWhits kit for the patchwork purse, lots of yarn and books and the last thing I got was beautiful sock yarn. I guess I know where my brain is these days!
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I e-mailed her so now I will just have to wait and see if I get a response. It makes me almost ill knowing I am that close to having a sock, but not being able to work on it. I can't start the other one yet because right now, I only have the one set of needles. Oh well. So instead, I started tube knitting today. I had never done it and thought I would try. I made a cute little purse. It is big enough for a cell phone and ID and money. You know the things we all need to carry. I knitted the handles attached to the bag in I-cord. It's cute. Something to crave my knitting habit and take my mind off socks.

And Lorette, if you read me again, I couldn't get to an e-mail for you. If you can tell me how to get the info to you, I would appreciate the help.

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