Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Wonderful World of Web-sites

Well I have been reading blogs and just wandering around the Internet for the past couple of days. Some days it just sucks you in and you can't help it. Like yesterday, I was looking at LOTR sites and happened onto one about the Hobbit. It was this little site mainly for kids with little quizzes about the book. There was also a maze you could go through. Like one of those choose your own adventures, but you had to follow like the book did or you had to start over. I was on that thing for hours, just having fun. I went through the whole thing and had a blast. If you take a wrong "turn", you have to start that level again. So I did that a few times. It is really good to see just how much you remember from the book. And it helps you remember the story. If you are interested in stuff like that, have a go. It is a way to get lost in the story. Here is the link for the maze:

And here is the link for the site itself:

Father' day is coming up fast, and since there are no funds, I have figured out what I can make for hubby. But I won't say what until I post the pic for it!

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