Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Blobs of yarn and Father's Day

Wow, when you get busy time just flies away from you. We did have a great time Father's Day. I did actually remember to get a picture of hubby and kids.

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I was asked what yarn I was using for my mystery stole. I have no idea. It is just some yarn someone gave me. A big blob of yarn, with no label. It's not even in the package it came in. So I thought I would put up pictures of it.

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See it looks just like a big blob doesn't it? I put a ruler on top of it to give you an idea of how much of it there is.

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Oh, and it gets better. I also have another blob of yarn. It is lighter, and there is more of it. But it is the same length (blob-wise) as the other.

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I have no idea the weight either. I am just using it because there is (seems to be) a lot of it. I laid it next to regular worsted weight to give you a comparison. Not a very good picture. The one for the stole is maybe half the size of the worsted, maybe less.

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Ok, I think I am over putting pics up today. You know, sometimes you just gotta share.

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At 12:44 AM, Anonymous StarzAbove said...

I'm using some surprise yarn, too! It was left behind by my Grammie, in her stash. My guess is that it is some type of acrylic, but who knows!
There are charts out there to figure out which weight it is by WPI (wraps per inch - I just wrapped it around a ruler and counted how many wraps I could line up along an inch) here's one of them:
This is my first lace project, and I'm not finding much time to put in on it, but it sure is fun. Your progress looks great!


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