Sunday, August 21, 2005

Socks and poker chips

Yesterday was a really good day. The MIL and FIL went out of town, so we went to their house and hung out yesterday. Just the hubby, the kids, and me. We ate our meals, watched movies (and cartoons of course), and I finished the first camo sock.

It fits. I am so relieved. Man, that boy has a big foot.

While we were there the MIL called me. She told me where my birthday present from them was. The love just keeps coming in. And it has been over a week since my b-day.

This is the PITBOSS Card Table Top. Here are the specs for it:

~Folds up easily and stores in a convenient carry bag
~Poker style card table
~Built in drink and chip holders
~Dark green cloth felt on card table side
~50 3/4" x 46 3/4" size will fit most household tables
~Poker chips NOT INCLUDED

Yes I am totally into Texas Hold-Em poker. When I am not fondling my yarn, you will find me fondling the felt. I love the way it feels. I like the way the cards slide across it and how the chips sound being chunked down on it. I have been wondering if the World Poker Tour allows their players to knit and play.

Don't worry too much about the chips not included part. The MIL and FIL got me this when I graduated college.

Yes they are feeding my poker addiction. Really they just hope when I win big, I will send some love back there way.

In another happy note: my Steelers won their second pre-season game. Yes!

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At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Heather said...

OMG..that socks looks hilariously big! Great job! I'm still scared to tackles socks! I'm such a wimp! :)


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