Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tag...You're It!

The Shrone tagged me. I feel special as it was my first tagging. I feel I have made it in the blogging world.

I tag
Melissa, Gina, and Rabbitch (sorry but, I just can't call you by your given name).

If you want to participate the chain-letter part works like this: remove the blog at #1 from the following list and bump every one up one place; add your blog's name in the #5 spot; just check to make sure the links are still attached if you copy n' paste.

1) Yarn Obsession
2) Yarns and Musings
3) Addicted To Crochet
4) Home Burrough
5) Charmingly Wicked

5 Things I Miss From Childhood:

1. Being alone. I am an only child and always had quiet and alone time. Now I am married, have 4 kids, and my hubby's family is huge. I don't know what being alone is anymore.

2. Coming home from school and watching the Monkees on tv. No, not the original, the re-runs. I am not that old.

3. Taking naps. I may not have wanted to then, but I sure want to now. I'm not saying I never do, I would just like one (or 12) every day.

4. Not worrying about how I looked when I went to the store.

5. Eating fried squash and okra that my grandmother made.

Go forth and tag, my little taggees.

1 Your Thoughts:

At 3:59 AM, Blogger Rabbitch said...

I answered it, but I didn't do the chain-letter thingie, my apologies.

And really, almost nobody but my parents and my co-workers call me Janice. I hardly even think of myself as such any more. My husband and I met online about ten years ago and I was a rabbit (albeit by a different name then) and he usually refers to me as Bunnie or The Bunnie. Even my daughter calls me Bunnie sometimes, although she hasn't graduated to "Rabbitch" yet (which is good as she's only five ...)


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