Sunday, April 25, 2010

Obsession 4

Finally another update. Probably not much of one, but a little is better than none.

We had to suddenly move. Not our idea at all and totally unexpected. But when you come home and find a Notice to Vacate stuck to your door, there is something going on there. Just something about the owners not getting a final inspection after renovations or something. But we had to get out. Like the day before. So the next day we got all the stuff out of the house, and into storage. And now I'm back at my mom's. Oh well. There are worse things. But anyway. That's just a big old excuse for not having many more squares done for Babette.

This obsession doesn't feel like such a bad thing now. A girl's gotta do something to keep sane.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Obsession 3

More squares.

All 50 of the 2 round squares are done.

And 4 of the 4 round are done.

Moving right along.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Obession 2

A couple more pics of little squares.

And now to get off the internet so I can make more.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


You know I get those quite often. I see a pic of something and it just screams at me. Well that happened again. This project has been around a long time but I never got the pattern or mag it came in.

Then one of the blogs I read started posting pics of one in progress which led to looking around Ravelry and flikr for others. I spent hours just looking at all the pics and colors. It was very relaxing.

My newest obsession is the Babette Blanket. Yep that's the one. The one with 17 different colors and gazillions of squares. Uhhuh that's the thing that has taken over my mind.

So I went to the storage building hoping I would have enough different colors to start it with. And I do! In fact I had so much Caron Simply Soft that I could have went with about 24 colors. But I didn't want to push it.

Here is the stack of colors I am using.

And here is a little of a start.

Long way to go, but enjoying every minute of it.

And don't think this is the only one I have. There is something else that's in the back of my mind. A pattern that was out of print for awhile is finally available again. But that will take a bit of fundage to get and make. So I may just keep that bit of craziness to myself for now.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

Will make a better post later. Need to get more pics first.

I am in the midst of another obsession so will be talking about that too.

For now I leave you with a question:

Do I STOP, or do I STOP?

It gets me every time.

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