Saturday, July 28, 2007

Are you Simpsonized?

You can be. Try it.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


This was a pretty good day. Me and hubby played quite a few games of pool (internet), and then started with the chess. He's very good at chess. But I did manage to beat him once. But he was coaching me a little. He's the one that taught me to play. But I am definitely looking forward to a rematch.

And then I decided that since there are four children and only one book, that I'd read aloud from Harry Potter 7 to them. They were really excited about the idea. They all gathered around in the living room and I started reading.

I had only thought of reading one chapter at a time, but when I finished the first, they asked me to keep going. I ended up reading six chapters. Man my mouth was tired. But they enjoyed it alot.

One of them asked me, "Since you read six tonight, does that mean you will read to chapter 12 tomorrow?" I said I didn't know, I'll see. It was fun getting into the story again. We should finish in no time if they keep not letting me stop reading. Not that I mind of course.

We went Tuesday to see the new Harry Potter movie. It was a great one. It's always nice to see what you've read in action.

And now, even though it's a little sad that the last book is finally done, at least we can still look forward to two more movies!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A finish to remember

I watched all of the news videos about the last Harry Potter book Friday. Seeing all the fans at the Potter parties and the ones just waiting for midnight. I was as excited as all of them, even though I wouldn't receive my copy until sometime Saturday.

Then I was up earlier than usual Saturday morning. I kept looking out the window at the slightest noise hoping it was the UPS truck. And I waited and waited. I never thought it would arrive. Then sometime after 1, it did.

I sat down and tore open the box, and there it was. I looked closely at all the cover art, and then slowly turned the pages while reading all the little tidbits they have before the actual story.

And then I started. I read all the rest of the day until my eyes couldn't focus anymore. So I rested and as soon as I got up today, I started again. Only stopping when I went to get the kids from their weekend stay-over.

I finished a little while ago. This was the best one yet! I know I will be opening it again soon. If not tonight, then probably tomorrow. I want to enjoy it all over again.

All of us who have finished are sure to not forget any of it. And to those not done yet, it gets better!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The DA, progress and KIP

I'm in, how about you?

Join Dumbeldore's Army today.

Ok, now that the public service announcement is through, on to some progress.

There could have been more, but I was sick a few days. And a fuzzy head means you have to rip out progress and then re-knit. Hopefully the next pic will be a lot longer.

And then there's the knitting in public. We had to take one of ours to the doctor yesterday. And the kids all brought something to do. I didn't. So there was lots of improvising.


A tiny bit of eyelash yarn, and 2 ink pens relatively the same size.

And what you get:

I made a mini scarf and then tied it around the littlest one's arm. A fuzzy knitted bracelet.

And here's the tools used.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Doctor Who Alert

The new season of Doctor Who starts tonight on SciFi! And they are running a bunch of episodes before the new one.

Watch for the Blue Box.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Goodies and Uh-Ohs again

I got goodies in the mail today!

Gina sent them to me. Thank you!

The kids were all happy to have their Uh-Ohs done, but then hubby was wondering where his was. Oh yeah, I did tell you I'd make you some too didn't I? So here's his.

Ok, now does everyone have theirs? Good, back to my FPS. Well after I read through my new calendars. Heehee.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

First tier done

Now that all the Uh-Ohs are finished, I can get back into my stole.

Here it is after I started the second tier.

There is a gradual shift in color throughout. Easier to see in person though. Once more tiers get done, I am hoping it shows more in pics.

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