Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wow more bloggin?

Warning: My mind is all over in this post, just so you know.

Since the last post I made 4 more hexagons. Really, after being on the internet for 5 hours straight, this after being on it all night the night before, I needed to rest my eyes.

I forgot to mention that the reason I have a laptop is the hubby took me to get one. And he was the one who went and got the internet hook up for me. He's a good guy when he wants to be. lol

Just found out school is opening 2 hours late tomorrow. Really?? What's the point? Being that late for work just to have to turn around and go back for them a couple hours later? Are they trying to piss me off? Probably.

I had mentioned in a previous post about my BFF coming to see me. Thought I'd throw in a few pics of her visit.

Here's right after we picked her up from the bus station.

Went to see the hubby one day before a little shopping.

Then a trip to my LYS. She had pre-ordered a yarn winder for me cause I didn't have one. We also went to Hobby-Lobby where she bought me goodies.

And here is just another reason why she's my BFF. We were so meant to be friends.

Guess that's it for now. Just having a lazy day of movie watching and internet playing. Will probably make some more hexagons later too.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another post cause I can

Just showing some pics from projects, my computer and today.

I have started a new project. Really just same old same old right? Never having enough attention span to keep just one thing going. Already have at least two other projects in mind to start soon. I like having lots to choose from when I'm crafting. Same thing when I read, always reading four or more at a time.

Here is progress pics of my bedspread.

Then I started a Ruby Hexagon Blanket. You use seven different colors and I just happened to have seven colors of one brand of yarn to use. Here's what I have so far. These are fast and easy. Would be better if I had better yarn to use, but sometimes you just want to start things.

Here is a pic of my laptop. It's a great new toy. Even though I stayed up till 5am on it this morning. Good thing today is Saturday so I could sleep in.

And here are some pics from the snow we got.

Here's the hubby's favorite toy.

Now back to surfing.

No more sleep for me

I am blogging from my new laptop. My very first laptop. I have had ones that I used and was given to use, but never one of my own. And have net on top of that. So these past few days I haven't been sleeping much. That and I got Guitar Hero Metallica. Sleep? What is that?

I did start another crochet project. More on that later. But it's currently sitting on my table with the bedspread I started. Internet and a laptop. I may never sleep again.

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