Saturday, December 24, 2005


I did it! Last night I finished all my little mini-weasleys! And I even got them all on their little hangers and wrapped them! To celebrate, they all decided to get in one big dog pile before being seperated.

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Now I can relax and just enjoy the rest of Christmas. Hope everyone has a great one!

Sunday, December 18, 2005


So Christmas is in a week. Am I done? No. I have 15 finished. Out of 33. Yes I am still optimistic. I have more wool coming to me tomorrow. Yeah I didn't have enough. Good thing they have rush shipping. Here are the newest ones I made.

All in a bunch.

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And 3 at a time.

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I know I can do it. I know I can.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I have been bad

Yes, I told myself that I wouldn't knit anything else until I finished the presents. Did I listen? No, of course not. But I only started something, and only worked on it a little on one day. So that is not so terrible, is it? Well it's hard to only knit on something that Has to get done.

It is a little Gina's fault too. She had started these and it just sounded fun. It's much easier to share the blame with someone else. I started the I-cord gloves that you can find on nonaKnits. It's a cute idea and pretty fun. I have two pinkies and the tip of an index finger to show for it. I finally am using some of my sock yarn.

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But I did get another mini-weasley done. So now I think that is 7 done. Only 26 more to go. And I have 19 more days. It can be done, I am sure of it.

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Did you know the new Knitty is up? There are a few things on there I want to do now. Thanks a lot. As if I didn't have enough tempting me at the moment. Especially the cheesy puffs pattern. That is the first man sweater I found that had bigger chest sizes. I married a big boy you know. He said he liked it, but I am not going to make it orange. I found some yarn in a grey, and all together it will only cost about $2o to make it. Can you get a better deal than that? And it is good yarn too. When I get it, you know I have to , I will show you. But, I promise, I won't start it till after Christmas. I mean it this time.

Friday, December 02, 2005


Yes, it has finally creeped up on me. I have known for months what I was to do for presents. But since the first one I did went so quickly, I figured it would take me no time. So what did I do? I just goofed off, started millions of new projects and put it off. Well, after I knit that last hat, I told myself no more knitting on anything until all the presents are done. I have kept to that. But that doesn't mean I have knit everyday. The have to knits are always the hardest to get done. With I don't even want to think of how many days to go, I have done 6 out of the 33 I need done. Words of encouragement would be helpful. Lie if you have to.

Here they are all layed out waiting to see what's next for them. Playing Scrabble it looks like.

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And here they are about to march off to who knows where. They must be bored waiting for all their friends to appear.

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