Tuesday, May 31, 2005


So still working on the next sock. I feel like I have been doing it forever. The needles don't feel awkward.
Can you believe I didn't do anything with it on Memorial Day? Just visited with family and then home. Guess I was just too pooped.
I found a chapter of StitchnBitch here in my town! I hope I can go. I asked one of my friends if she wanted to go with me. She said she did. I would feel more comfortable going with someone I know. And I think I can enjoy it more.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Houston...we have a SOCK!

I did it! I made a sock! I did the kitchener stitch it called for to close the toe. Then weaved in all my ends. I put it on and it fits and looks good. I am so excited. Does everyone feel this way when they finish a sock?
Well I am off to cast on for the other one. But before I go, a little happy dance...

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Well, I am doing the toe decreases now! I am almost finished with the first sock! But as it is after 2 a.m., I made myself put it down before I messed up. So by tomorrow, I shall have a whole sock! Yeah! I must have a little happy dance when I am done. And then it will be off to do sock number two! I asked for help and many people had suggestions. But when the last one sent their help, I just told myself to just do it and not pay attention to the number of stitches I was supposed to have at that point. And it worked out exactly as it said it should. Then later while I was working, I glanced at the sock and then back at the pattern. I realized that I worked through the gusset and into the foot without even noticing I had. I always thought that would be a tough part for some reason when I saw other socks. And it just went smoothly. Now I know if I can make a kneesock, just imagine how many normal sized socks I can make! Another excuse to buy books and yarn!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Dreams and tube knitting

I had the best dream last night. I was in this great yarn shop and I had lots of money to spend. I got needles, and a KnitWhits kit for the patchwork purse, lots of yarn and books and the last thing I got was beautiful sock yarn. I guess I know where my brain is these days!
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I e-mailed her so now I will just have to wait and see if I get a response. It makes me almost ill knowing I am that close to having a sock, but not being able to work on it. I can't start the other one yet because right now, I only have the one set of needles. Oh well. So instead, I started tube knitting today. I had never done it and thought I would try. I made a cute little purse. It is big enough for a cell phone and ID and money. You know the things we all need to carry. I knitted the handles attached to the bag in I-cord. It's cute. Something to crave my knitting habit and take my mind off socks.

And Lorette, if you read me again, I couldn't get to an e-mail for you. If you can tell me how to get the info to you, I would appreciate the help.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


I am all the way down to the TURN HEEL part of my sock. I did the heel flap, and it amazingly really does look like the makings of a sock. But now the way this part of the pattern is, I have to make 26 sts 24. But there are 3 decreases written so no matter how many times I do it, I always get 23 sts. Being a newbie at all this, I don't know which one to take out of the pattern. Because I have to use the same bit of the pattern as a repeat, so it will be wrong there too, right? I guess what I will have to do is send the woman herself, Debbie Stoller, an e-mail and ask. Or if there is anyone out there who did these socks and can tell me what is wrong with it. This pattern is not listed under the StitchnBitch Errata. So it could just be me. I just hate that I am so far and am now at a dead stop. I don't want a leg warmer, I want a sock.

And for you who asked, my cam pics save as Tif. I don't know what that is either, it is just a pain in the butt.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Socks and Hamburger Cake

I had to go out today, so took the kids with me to the store. We got to the bakery and I thought we should get a little cake for dessert. They had the funniest cake on the rack. It was a huge hamburger! It was a two layer cake. The bottom layer was not iced and it was a golden brown color. The icing on top was a light brown. Around the middle of the cake was dark brown icing piped on, for the patty. There were little green leaves placed around for the lettuce and yellow blobs of icing for the mustard and red for the ketchup. It even had sesame seeds sprinkled on top. The kids just had to have it cause it was so funny.
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Well the camera mystery is solved. It isn't the programs I have, no matter what you load the pics into, it saves it as the same file type. The only type I can't upload here. Oh well. It will have to be another camera or a scanner. So pics of projects will not be here for awhile. Sorry.
I got to the 4th stripe on the sock. And it looks so much better. The seams between the needles are tighter and it looks like the picture. Well except for the colors cause since it is my first attempt, I am just using what I have on hand. I may just be able to do this after all.

Monday, May 23, 2005


Well the journey of the socks continues. I knitted, and knitted, and saw so many things that looked bad. Then when I read the pattern wrong and put too many decreases in, I just gave up and...RIBBIT RIBBIT!
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But hey that is ok. I did so much the first go round, I actually got in some practice and now that I started over, it looks better. I know I will still have more problems, but at least I am learning as I go. Maybe someday, I will be able to knit socks by the bushel. Well, at least a pair or two.
I forgot to tell you what pattern I am using. It is the only sock pattern I had. It is from the StitchnBitch Handbook. Am I wanting to have a nervous break down?

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Socks...Am I nuts?

Well I got the great idea today to make socks. I never thought I would ever make anything to wear (other than scarves, you know simple) and for some reason I decided to try the whole sock thing. I know why. After I read the bookbookbook, I just felt like I could. Wow. What was I thinking? I mean, I have never even used dpns (double-pointed needles for those of you who don't knit). Well I mean I do have a tube so that's a step in the right direction, right? But the St st (stockinette stitch) turned out to be garter stitch. So the top is a rib, the middle rows are garter and the ones I am doing now look like St st. What's up with that? Should I get "Knitted Socks for Dummies"? Or is there an easy explanation for what I did? Maybe I just hurt myself yesterday after I finished banging my head on the wall? Well, I guess I should have used some of my squares to cushion the blows.
Well I guess there is always tomorrow, huh?

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Well I finished the bookbookbook. I highly recommend you get it if you haven't.
I finished #34 of my 63 squares afghan. I tried to take pics but my camera is junk and I can't get even the fuzzy pics to save as gif, jpg, or anything else that I can put on here. I guess I will have to find a scanner somewhere. Any suggestions where I can find one I can use? Let's just say after trying everything I could I was doing this:

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Can you relate?
Well that's it for now.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The bookbookbook

Well I have joined the masses. I am now the proud owner of the bookbookbook!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It is wonderful so far. I can relate to all of it. Is there any doubt that she was destined to be a knitter? After all her name is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

Well just to let you know what I am currently doing, here goes. I am knitting two scarves at the moment. The Alien Illusion scarf from the Stitch-N-Bitch book and the card trick illusion scarf off of Knitty Gritty. I have many things waiting in the wings to do after these are done.

In crochet, I am working on the 63 squares afghan. I have completed 32 squares. I am just using what I have on hand, so it will be many colors instead of the original three. I also have a granny square blanket in the process using size 10 thread. I don't know why. I originally wanted to do doilies (prior to learning to read patterns) and was just wanting to see how it worked up. Once I had a good little square going, I just decided to see what it would be like as a regular sized afghan. You know the whole curiosity thing.

I also have a couple of cross-stitch projects going. One is the Eye of the Tiger from Cross My Heart and the other is Butterfly Expressions from Creative Accents. Cross-stitching was my first crafting love, and I enjoy it alot.

I only learned to knit (self-taught) at the end of last year. I didn't brave the purl stitch till the first of this year. I also taught myself to crochet in April. So I have mostly been doing those two this year. I love reading blogs about all the projects people do. Yarn is yummy, and so are all the patterns and do-dads you can get to go along with it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Season Finale

Don't you just love all those last shows? Can't wait till they come on and then they just leave you wanting more. Almost like a good book.
Well I only have worked on one square of my 63 squares afghan today. Most of my time was spent playing around with this blog. But that could be considered as crafting too, couldn't it? I hope to have pics up soon. Hopefully by this weekend. As long as my camera takes decent ones. Someday I really want a scanner, but I will make due for now.
Thank everyone so much for all the comments I got today. It was like Christmas all day getting all those e-mails! Hope to get to read your blogs and talk to you all more!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Pictures need no words. Posted by Hello

First Post

Hello. This is my first post. Hopefully soon I will be writing about my projects and life in general. I hope you will find it interesting. Comments welcome.

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